Sunday, 4 March 2007

From Luang Nam Tha Bus Station

From Udomxai Bus Station

From Luang Prabang Bus Station

From Sainyabuli Bus Station

From Phonsavan (Xieng Khuang)Bus Station

From Vietiane Bus Stations


J-Hmoo said...

Is this the update one? :D

Blacksnail said...

this is so helpful, is 2008 now, do you think is still valid?

Luke Hoyland said...

This site came in really handy 18 months ago. Much appreciated.

Nowadays you can get some more up-to-date timetables from these two places:

1. Lao miao blog - some "cat" who did a great job of recording details on his travels.

2. Lao Wiki travel site - collaborative effort at keeping up-to-date information about travel in Laos.

(Disclaimer: I'm involved in the latter)

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